Three physicians are trying to locate 34 patients referred to them in the Department of Pediatrics of the Salt Lake County General Hospital and the University of Utah Medical Center in the early 1960s for anemia.

From a study of 34 infants, Drs. John F. Wilson, M. Eugene Lahey and D.C. Heiner discovered that 50 percent of them had cows-milk-induced gastrointestinal bleeding, which could be stopped or significantly lessened by either a soya or commercial infant formula.Most of the 34 had multiple antibodies to various proteins in cow's milk, suggesting allergy to milk. All of the study subjects responded well to a diet modification of milk restriction plus oral iron supplementation.

Now 20 years later, Wilson and Heiner are recalling these patients for general health assessment, a few basic laboratory tests, and to repeat antibody studies.

Wilson said some of the 34 patients have been located. To ensure confidentiality, patients still being sought are listed below by initials, first, last, date of birth, patient's first name and city of residence at the time of the study. All of the patients would now be in their mid-20s.

The patients, or their parents knowing of their whereabouts, are asked to call Cherie Best, Department of Pathology, Primary Children's Medical Center, 521-1220 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Wilson can also be contacted at his home evenings and weekends at 486-5203.

These are the patients being sought:

-M.B., 7-10,63, Henry F. and Berniece R., Salt Lake City

-G.B., 10-20-63, Carol Jean, Salt Lake City

-T.B., 3-20-63, Rae, Salt Lake City

-R.B., 6-4-62, Betty Lou, Salt Lake City

-S.C., 10-10-62, Alfred and Hilda L., Tooele

-D.D., 10-16-63, Daniel Jay and Juanita D., Roy

-C.L.G., 2-19-64, Sally, Salt Lake City

-S.G., 7-4-62, John and Gloria, Sandy

-T.L.C., 5-30-63, Ronald and Elaine S., Kearns

-R.M., 1-7-64, Ronald and Donna G., Clearfield

-F.H., 12-7-62, Fred and Dorothy, Salt Lake City

-C.N., 1-17-62, Alice B., Salt Lake City

-B.L.J., 3-29-64, Ernest and Anna, Provo

-E.A.N., 5-2-63, Richard and Karen, Salt Lake City

-J.E.K., 5-16-64, Oresta and Mary, Hill Air Force Base

-A.M.N., 7-29-63, Charles and Elvira G., Tooele

-J.L., 8-3-63, Harry and Mary L., Orem

-S.P., 4-18-64, Walter and Della Rae S., Ogden

-D.L.Jr., 6-26-64, Donald and Sharon S., Clearfield

-K.R., 3-10-64, Edward and Marcella, Salt Lake City

-M.M., 8-19-64, Dennis and Marlene, Salt Lake City

-R.W., 1-11-63, Richard and Darlene, Ogden.