Gov. Norm Bangerter has so far outspent his two challengers, but Democrat Ted Wilson has spent more on media expenses, according to expenditure reports.

Meanwhile, the Tax Limitation Coalition has apparently failed to report the cost of printing 200,000 newsletters urging voters to elect independent gubernatorial candidate Merrill Cook, officials said Friday.State officials said the newsletter should have been reported if the expense was incurred as of Saturday. The newsletter was distributed during a weekend rally at the State Capitol and has been left on many doorsteps along the Wasatch Front.

Bangerter reported spending $1,080,900.94 to date on his bid for re-election. Only $282,394.13 of that was spent on media advertising.

Wilson reported spending $922,735.18, with $454,840.98 of that spent on the media.

Cook reported spending $382,330.68. He spent most of that, $344,345.86, on media expenses.

State officials said the Tax Limitation Coalition is considered a political-action committee only because it supports Cook. The group's chief aim is to persuade voters to pass initiatives A, B and C, which would reduce taxes and provide tax credits for parents whose children attend private schools.

The group fighting against the initiatives, Taxpayers For Utah, did not have to file a financial report.

The Tax Limitation Coalition lists its only expenditures as $4,000 to Cook's campaign and $500 for legal advice. However, the group reported receiving $19,110.68 in contributions.