A group of sign-carrying Utahns marched in front of Crossroads Mall in downtown Salt Lake Saturday protesting the use of animals in testing cosmetic and household products.

The protesters, representing various animal advocacy groups, are specifically opposed to animal research they maintain is being conducted by Benetton.Group spokeswoman Robin Hall said Benetton's "outdated" tests are carried out on its range of cosmetics and toiletries, including Benetton Eau de Cologne.

"Even though six out of six rabbits' skin was eaten away by Benetton's Bath & Shower Gel, the product is still on the market," she said. "So, Benetton is revealed in its true colors."

"Don't feel safe, feel sorry," is the message the group relayed to shoppers who paused to look at the graphic posters carried by the protesters.

"There is no law that requires testing on animals of cosmetics and household products," Hall said. "They must be tested, but it doesn't have to be on animals."

Hall advocates other alternatives, like using egg membranes for testing. In-vitro cell cultures can also be used in irritancy tests, she said.

A seminar, sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, for beginning animal rights advocates will be held in Salt Lake City on Nov. 12. For more information on the seminar and to register, write to: PETA, P.O. Box 42516, Washington, D.C., 20015. Cost is $20 per person.