Weber State College officials say it will take them about five years to rebuild a surplus Air Force simulator used for pilot training, but they don't mind.

The T-40 jet fighter simulator was donated last month by Hill Air Force Base to the college's technology program. It was used for training military jet fighter pilots, but not any more."We'll be using it to train our electronics and technology students," Bill Clapp, an associate professor of electronics, said Tuesday.

"This is a long-term project. The equipment that had been surplused out needs some repair and we want to update the electronics and other systems. This is a perfect training program for our students," said Clapp.

The work, he said, is expected to cost only about $10,000 "because we'll scrounge a lot of the equipment. And, since most of our students are headed into the aerospace industry, this is just the kind of hands-on training they need."

By using special computer programs, the trainer simulates actual flight conditions, including instrument readings and screens showing such things as landing strips, terrain and storm clouds.

Once the technology students have the simulator in operation, Clapp said, ROTC students and some other students will be allowed to use the trainer.