Grand County commissioners next month will consider a request from a Denver hazardous waste incinerator company to rezone property at Cisco for commercial and heavy industrial use.

Lee Torrens, president of Catalyst Waste-to-Energy Corp. of New York City, said he also is planning to meet with commissioners within the next two weeks in Moab.The meeting would provide a forum for questions about incineration and to determine whether there is support for a toxic and hazardous waste disposal facility the New York company and CoWest Incineration Corp. of Denver proposed for Cisco in a joint venture.

Commissioners scheduled a public hearing on the rezoning, required to accommodate an incinerator, for May 17 in the Grand County Courthouse.

County planning commissioners earlier this month recommended approval of the rezoning, requested by CoWest and its subsidiary, Cisco Development Inc.

CoWest official Kevin Norris requested rezoning of 190 acres for development of an industrial park eight acres for commercial use and the remainder for heavy industrial use, including a hazardous waste incinerator if such use is approved by a referendum in the November election.

Residents in Grand County and Mesa County in southwestern Colorado organized opposition to the incinerator soon after it was proposed last fall, and Utah opponents acted to put the issue of toxic and hazardous waste burning on the ballot.

Torrens said Catalyst is not convinced a majority of voters opposes an incinerator, and getting one approved may simply be a matter of educating local residents.