Jane's defense publishers expanded its series Monday with a new volume on riot control, counterinsurgency weapons and equipment to detect and protect against terrorist action.

"The amount of effort and research being put into the defense of every realm against traditional threats is dwarfed by that going into the defense of the realm and the populace against the terrorist, the insurgent, the freedom fighter or the guerrilla under whatever color of ideological cloak," editor Ian Hogg says in his foreword to "Jane's Security and Counter-Insurgency Equipment."The new book by the defense information publisher lists equipment in five categories. The firearms section includes standard infantry weapons.

Operational equipment includes land, sea and air vehicles, surveillance aids such as night vision goggles, thermal imagers, explosives detectors and robots to set off discovered bombs.

The riot control section lists a wide range of tear gas devices, stun grenades, plastic bullets and fragmentation grenades.

Armor and protection includes bulletproof vests, flak jackets and even a bulletproof undershirt that won't be conspicuous under a business executive's shirt.

The fifth section covers transmitters, receivers, a fingerprint identification system, security fences and laser barriers.

Not only does the terrorist "have new types of ideology," Hogg says, "they are familiar with new types of weaponry and in their ranks are people to whom technology is simply a better method of vanquishing their enemies. Moreover, they appear to have inexhaustible reserves of funds and backers with unlimited reserves of weapons and equipment."