The City Council has expressed support for Police Chief Leroy Webb after three investigative agencies said evidence is lacking to support an allegation of window peeking against the chief.

In a news release, the council said city officials reviewed reports on the matter from the Davis County sheriff's department, the state Peace Officers and Standard Training agency and the Davis County attorney's office."We have found insufficient evidence to support the allegations against Chief Leroy Webb," the statement said. "Therefore, in his profession, we support our police chief."

Webb was accused by James Strong of peeking over Strong's backyard fence about 6 a.m. Sept. 5.

Strong's wife, Lynette, said Wednesday her husband spotted Webb looking over the fence, toward windows of the house, as Strong was leaving for work. Strong called the sheriff's department, she said. Strong could not be reached for comment.

Davis County Sheriff's Capt. K.D. Simpson said Strong had called his department to accuse Webb of window peeping. But a subsequent sheriff's investigation turned up insufficient evidence to charge the chief, Simpson said.

Webb told the investigators he was responding to a report of vandalism, Simpson said. He said the sheriff's department turned over evidence to the Davis County attorney's office, which also found insufficient evidence.

"Someone out there is trying to stir up trouble for him," Simpson said. "Someone, a woman, was calling all the media and sheriff's department telling them that the police chief was peeking through windows. And even after the investigation, the calls continued."

Simpson said that for awhile, his phone rang often with anonymous calls about the chief.

POST Director Clyde Palmer said his agency looked into the sheriff's and county attorney's investigations and found nothing to warrant an investigation into Webb's conduct.