Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis said he's not too crazy about going to Disneyland himself, but if that's what it takes to get 100 kids to Anaheim, California's ultimate playground, he'll do it.

Disneyland and Delta Air Lines have joined together to bring 100 kids to Disneyland if their city's mayor joined them, DePaulis said. Eight thousand kids from cities across the country will be participating in the promotion."This gives them an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have," DePaulis said.

DePaulis will be leaving Nov. 17 to escort 100 children to Disneyland and will return the next day. Meanwhile, the kids will spend an entire day in Disneyland and fly back to Salt Lake City Nov. 19.

The children were selected from the Capital West Boys and Girls Club and the Guadalupe Center and will be joined by 10 chaperones for the day, which, incidentally, is Mickey Mouse's 60th Birthday.