The General Assembly has overwhelmingly condemned Israel for beating, wounding, killing and deporting Palestinans since the uprising began Dec. 8 in the occupied territories.

Only the United States and Israel voted Thursday against the resolution, while 130 nations voted for it. Sixteen abstained, including Britain and Canada.The resolution said the assembly "condemns Israel's persistent policies and practices violating the human rights of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, including Jerusalem."

Every year, the General Assembly overwhelmingly condemns Israeli human rights practices in the occupied territories.

U.S. Ambassador Herbert S. Okun, the deputy permanent representative, said the resolution "is an unbalanced document, condemning one of the parties for its actions without taking into account acts of violence by the other side."

The resolution criticized Israeli troops and settlers for shooting and wounding "defenseless Palestinian civilians, the beating and breaking of bones, deportation, imposition of restrictive economic measures, demolition of houses, collective punishment and detentions, as well as denial of access to the media."

M. Nasser al-Kidwa, the PLO's deputy U.N. representative, said that since the uprising began nearly 11 months ago, 411 civilians were killed through Oct. 30 and 4,500 wounded. The toll, he said, includes 273 people who were shot by the army, 37 shot by Israeli settlers, 36 killed in beatings or under "mysterious conditions" and 65 by tear gas.

Israeli Ambassador Johanan Bein responded by condemning Palestinian guerrillas for burning families alive in firebombings, bombing civilian buses and throwing grenades at sidewalk cafes and toy shops full of children.