To the editor:

In his campaign messages, Ted Wilson has proposed to support small business as the source of new jobs in Utah. Numerous surveys have shown that small business is, in fact, a major force in new job formation, but Mayor Wilson has no track record as a small business advocate.The Utah Small Business Development Center has provided education and consultation for small business owners for years, funded by the University of Utah and the Small Business Administration. Repeated requests to the city and previous state administration brought no help.

In contrast, when Norm Bangerter became governor, he gave this program his personal endorsement and provided helpful funding from the state's budget. His solid support is based on his own experience as a successful businessman, which Wilson has never been.

In Wilson's term as mayor, the city enjoyed the growth that was general throughout the U.S., but there is no evidence that he made significant contributions to this growth. Instead, he increased government spending and called for more taxes.

Richard F. Haglund

Former executive director,

Utah Small Business Development Center