One of the most irritating problems known to man - not to woman - is how to keep food off his necktie. Now Paul Stuart, purveyor of men's finery, is about to respond with a shirt that features a loop for securing the tie out of the path of dropped food. It will be sewn onto the left front panel, where Ralph Lauren might stitch a little polo pony. The shirts are so special they will have no label inside the neck, just "Stuart's Choice" embroidered on the front shirttail. The price: $135 - enough to pay for a lot of necktie dry-cleaning, or a couple of upscale new ties.

Lufthansa Airlines offers another solution for man and woman. It's a napkin with a buttonhole. Slip it over the top button on your shirt (you'll have to lower your tie first) or your dress and dribble food with abandon. The napkin is free, but Lufthansa's lowest fare between Frankfurt and New York these days is $479 round trip.At those prices, the best answer may be a turtleneck.