Provo Adult School needs volunteers to tutor legalized aliens in English as asecond language and U.S. history.

People who were granted amnesty last May have six to 18 months to apply for temporary residency. "To do so, individuals must be able to pass English tests on U.S. history and citizenship," program coordinator Maria Fernandez said.The legalized aliens, most of whom are Hispanic, need to complete 30 hours of class time, said Fernandez. Volunteers are a necessary part of the classroom experience.

Trained volunteers will teach small groups on Wednesday evenings for several hours. There are no prerequisites for volunteers, except that they need to be patient and willing to give several hours each week. It is helpful for the volunteer to speak Spanish, but not necessary.

"The applicant has to be able to communicate in English and demonstrate it to an immigration officer," director Else Bauer said. "Our program's main function is help the legalized aliens in gaining the knowledge they need to pass these tests and eventually become residents."

People interested in giving several hours each week to help legalized aliens in Utah County may call the United Way Volunteer Center for more information at 374-8108.