While most U.S. newspapers choosing sides in the presidential race are endorsing George Bush or Michael Dukakis, a tiny twice-monthly Utah newspaper is backing Libertarian Ron Paul.

"I'm endorsing Ron Paul both because he's head of the Libertarian Party and because he's an experienced congressman and very much of a qualified candidate," Big Water Times publisher Alex Joseph, 52, said Tuesday.Joseph's non-conformism isn't limited to his presidential preference. In addition to being a newspaper publisher, he is mayor of what is billed as the only Libertarian-controlled town in America and he's a polygamist.

The Times editorial, in current issues of the 1,800-circulation paper, said: "George Bush is going to take Utah in a cakewalk, and your vote is just not going to matter unless you vote for Paul. Ron Paul needs to be elected president of the United States in this town."

Big Water residents like the party's philosophy because "they like being left alone and they liked the no property tax mandate coming down from the town council" in 1986, Joseph said.