Ku Klux Klan symbols painted on a political sign are probably the work of residents disgruntled about a plan to spend $3 million upgrading the city's water system, said Mayor Dale Gardiner.

Two years ago an angry crowd demanded the city rescind a water-rate increase and almost 10 years since any real KKK problems surfaced in Riverton. But some residents are still upset about the plan to borrow money to overhaul the city's aging water system."Riverton is a feisty town," Gardiner said. "There are a few people in Riverton who are very much opposed to Riverton borrowing money from the state, so they make a circle, put a cross in it and have some fun."

The circle and cross, a Klan symbol, was painted on the back of a campaign sign for Mont Evans, a state legislator and former member of the Riverton City Council.

State water officials are to review Riverton's application for a low-interest loan on Friday.

The vast majority of residents attending a recent public hearing or responding to a city questionnaire about the water-system improvements favor the proposal.