An airman first class had her housing privileges terminated and faces other disciplinary action after complaints led authorities to her home to find 12 diseased cats feeding on two dead cats.

Neighbors notified Hill's housing office of a "foul stench" coming from a home in the Thunderbird Park housing area, said a base spokesman, Sgt. Louis Arana-Barradas.The woman apparently was gone from her home for several weeks, the spokesman said. The incident occurred earlier in October.

Hill spokesman Len Barry would not identify the airman, saying it would be a breach of her privacy. He said she faces further action, pending a review of the case.

Meantime, her housing privileges were terminated, he said, and she had to pay for cleaning the house and for new carpet.

Arana-Barradas said the house was found in "total disarray," littered with the partially eaten cats, feces and clothing. Hill's housing department and Davis County Animal Control cleaned the house.

Dave Sanders, field operations manager for county animal control, said the surviving cats were destroyed because they were diseased and starved.

He said his office would normally prosecute for animal abuse and neglect, but because it involved military personnel, his office had no jurisdiction.