The Willow Creek Veterinarian Clinic, which has been operating at 7997 S. Highland Drive for the past five years, is doubling its existing 3,000 square feet of space and will be operational in a few days.

Dr. Rick Campbell and his associate, Dr. Allan Whitby, said the addition features radiant-heated indoor and outdoor floors, natural lighting, air conditioning and soundproofing. "We want to bring to Utah the most modern pet facility possible," he said.In addition to the traditional pet care, the clinic offers 24-hour emergency care, hospitalization, boarding and grooming and is the only veterinary clinic in Utah to provide acupuncture treatment for chronic lower back pain in animals, Campbell said.

Certified by the American Animal Hospital Association, the clinic specializes in computer-assisted diagnostics, orthopedics, dentistry and reproduction consultation.

Funding for the expansion was provided by Key Bank of Utah and Deseret Certified Development Co., which administers the Small Business Administration 504 loan program.

Campbell said the clinic has 12 employees and will increase that number to between 16 and 20 employees when the addition is opened. Campbell and Whitby are graduates of Colorado State University.

The architect for the project was Steven A. Swanson of Edwards and Daniels, who maintained the original plan of linking a complex of smaller structures isolated by their specific functions built around an open court yard. The contractor was Tropic Enterprises.