Cincinnati manager Pete Rose apologized to Continental Airlines officials after some of his players allegedly threw food, insulted flight attendants and were rowdy during a plane trip to Houston.

Continental spokesman Jim Brigance said that Rose helped quiet the players during the Wednesday flight from San Francisco to Houston and has apologized to the airline.Some players tore up safety instruction cards, grabbed at stewardesses and insulted stewards while using obscenities, Brigance said Thursday.

Reds spokesman Jim Ferguson said the players fly on both charter and regular commercial flights, and that this might help explain the incident. "The players may not have realized the difference between a charter and a regular flight," he said.

But Rose said, "There's not a player who wouldn't know the difference between a charter and a commercial flight. Everybody knows that when he gets his itinerary."

One passenger said the players were loud and disruptive even before the plane left San Francisco. The pilot threatened to stay on the ground until they calmed down, the passenger said.