The City Council has approved an ordinance strictly outlining appropriate dress and behavior in alcoholic beverage establishments. The ordinance, effective Thursday, was enacted in response to complaints that a stripper was appearing at a local establishment.

The business, Corona's Rock 'N' Roll, had been advertising a strip act performance five nights a week for the past two months, the council was told. Complaints about the performances had been lodged with the police department.American Fork Police Chief John Durrant said that before this incident, Utah County had never had a problem with exotic dancers.

"Existing ordinances didn't adequately address this problem," Durrant said. He said the American Fork ordinance is a conglomeration of other state ordinances.

Durrant said the ordinance could affect performances such as lingerie shows and shows featuring male dancers, such as the Chippendales, but that it is not "trying to stop go-go girls."

The ordinance says that certain body parts (specifically listed in the ordinance) may not be exposed in any manner. It also says performers may not accept money from any person while performing or have money placed on them or their costume; that performers may not allow the audience to touch certain body parts; and prohibits the patrons of the establishment from doing the same.

The ordinance does allow money to be placed on the stage and the performer to pick it up by hand. The stage must be 3 feet from the audience and have a separating barrier.

Violation of the ordinance is a class B misdemeanor, and any license issued by the city, such as a business license, may also be suspended for six months.

A second violation will result in loss of a license for two years.

"This ordinance not only holds the establishment accountable but also the performer and the owner," Durrant said.