As he's called for in years past, State Democratic Chairman Randy Horiuchi wants an independent commission to adjudicate complaints of unfair political campaigning.

This year, Horiuchi promises that yet-unnamed Democratic legislators will introduce such a bill in the 1989 Legislature.Horiuchi said such a "Fair Campaign Practices Act" is needed because of the mud being thrown by Republican candidates. He wore fishing hip waders during a Tuesday press conference on the proposed commission to "visualize my concern."

Horiuchi listed a number of "atrocities" committed by Republicans in this campaign, which he called the "most negative campaign in the history of modern civilization."

He specifically complained about a lawsuit filed this week against Art Monson, the Democratic candidate for state treasurer, that alleges Monson failed to file political contributions properly, and a charge by GOP 2nd District candidate Richard Snelgrove that Rep. Wayne Owens didn't pay his campaign payroll income taxes on time.

The commission Horiuchi wants would review such charges and publicly uphold or dismiss them before an election. He doesn't suggest fines or penalties for violators. "Publicity before an election would be enough," he said.