Independent gubernatorial candidate Merrill Cook is crying foul over how he's listed on some paper ballots.

Cook is listed in a separate, independent column, away from the other gubernatorial candidates. He believes this will seriously harm his support and is considering going to court to change it.He also believes Lt. Gov. Val Oveson is behind "this attempt to harm me."

Gov. Norm Bangerter and Oveson are in a tight fight with Cook and Democrat Ted Wilson in a three-way race. "We have absolutely nothing to do with how the ballots look," responded Deputy Lt. Gov. Dave Hansen. "We give the county clerks a list of the candidates who appear on the ballot. The clerks follow the law, which says that independent candidates must appear in a list all their own," said Hansen. That's true for paper ballots. But computer, punch-card ballots list the candidates according to races, and Cook said he appears in the governor's column on those.

Cook said if the counties won't reprint the paper ballots with his name next to the other gubernatorial candidates, he'll sue.