The Utah State Tax Commission sold 289 marijuana drug stamps during the first week of sales, for a total $1,011.50, said tax officials.

Tax Commission spokesman Lee Shaw said the marijuana stamps sell for $3.50 apiece and must be purchased in a minimum order of $150 or 43 stamps.Shaw said four people purchased the stamps and, he said, they were probably stamp collectors.

The drug stamps were initiated to provide another means of applying legal pressure in the prosecution of drug dealers. When a drug dealer is arrested, Shaw said, the law enforcement official will check to see if the drugs have the drug tax stamp affixed.

"If not, the dealer is subject to a penalty of 100 percent of the tax as well as a fine of not more than $10,000."

There is also a $200 stamp for each gram of a controlled substance and a $2,000 stamp for each 50 dosage units, such as pills, of a controlled substance that is not sold by weight.

The stamps are only available at the Tax Commission office in the Heber Wells Building, 160 E. Third South.