A $10 million bond election is being proposed by the Ogden City Board of Education so the district can repair exisiting school buildings.

District Business Administrator Larry Tesch said Thursday that the board informally agreed earlier last week to call for a bond election.Tesch said the election will be held sometime this fall, but the board has to iron out assessment needs before the election plan is formalized. He said the board will set up a planning session sometime in May to discuss exactly where the money will go if the bond is approved.

Tesch said if voters approve the bond, taxes will not increase because the district has the funds to pay off the debt.

The administrator said the board agreed to hold a bond election because the city's schools are in "fair to poor" condition and need improvements.

One school needs a new roof and another building needs new carpeting, Tesch said. Also, the board is considering adding new computer labs to another building.