A 40-year-old man and his five sons were rescued after drifting helplessly in the Pacific for more than a month and he says he'd like to go back and retrieve their 33-foot sailboat.

"We put everything we had into that boat, sold everything, even our furniture, to buy it," said Clint Fleis-hour of San Diego, who along with his sons was rescued last week by a Navy tugboat."We've been on the water a lot. My older boys have experience sailing," Fleishour said. "I'd like to go back and get it."

But Fleishour said he knew the family's safety was more important than their boat. He said he had feared he would see his five sons die of starvation.

Fleishour said he and his sons - Ignacio, 17; Martin, 15; Kazan, 13; Clint Jr., 11; and Rocky, 8 - spent 33 days adrift in their sailboat Paloma before being rescued by the Narragansett, a Navy tugboat operated by civilians, 550 miles northeast of Honolulu on Thursday night.

They survived eight days without food and five without water, he said.

"My estimation is the kids would have lasted - with no water, no food - approximately 10 days," said David George, second officer aboard the tugboat. "In my opinion, the 8-year-old should have passed away."