Authorities foiled a military coup attempt, but a radio report said several soldiers were wounded.

The government said Monday it averted the planned coup Sunday by a group of army officers against Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril, who came to power in a military takeover a month ago.Government spokesman Frantz Lubin said the plot against Avril was led by Sgt. Patrick Frantz Bochard, who headed a government lottery, and former Col. Samuel Jeremie, a convicted murderer who had escaped from prison.

Radio Soliel said "several soldiers were wounded" and 30 were arrested in the attempted takeover.

Lubin said some soldiers were arrested, but he gave no figure and said he could not confirm the radio report indicating there might have been shooting.

"Certain other officers have been discharged," Lubin said. "They had maneuvered to stage a coup" against Avril.

He said he had no further information.

Hubert de Roncery, a conservative politician, called Jeremie "a pillar" of the Duvalier dictatorship and said there could be "an alliance in the works between the soldiers and the Tonton Macoutes."

The Tonton Macoutes were the feared personal police of Francois Duvalier, who ruled Haiti from 1957 until his death in 1971.

Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy headed a three-man junta until general elections in January. Namphy staged a coup in June, ousted President Leslie Manigat and took power. A month ago, the 50-year-old Avril deposed Namphy and declared himself president.