All you must remember is that 30 days are in September and all the rest, except December.

Just a minute. Is that how the old jingle about the months of the year goes?Well, not really - not unless Maurice and Mollie Freedman have their way, that is.

The couple are shooting for a revision of the calendar by 2001. Maurice Freedman has been tinkering with the calendar since the 1950s, when he was a systems analyst for the Canadian navy.

Freedman says he has been trying to devise a system in which the days of the week, especially the holidays, don't jump around every year.

He has come up with what he calls the Tranquility Calendar.

December would be a whopper. It would consist of 35 days, three years out of four, and 36 when Leap Year rolls around.

The Freedmans said the extra four or five days, sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's Day, would give people more time to celebrate the holidays.