So I sat down to watch the new TV show "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy's Dreams" a week ago on Ch. 13, and came away amazed that television could make a bad movie series so much worse.

Joseph Walker pretty much covered this in his TV column last Wednesday, but here are some impressions to follow up on my early concerns about making child molester/killer Freddy Krueger a campy, sick-joke horror show hero/host:First it should be said that despite media hype that went before, the character was not toned down and made a "sympathetic victim" for his television incarnation.

In fact, if anything, the premiere episode of this anthology series, which attempted to explain Freddy's demise and ultimate resurrection as a killer in kids' dreams, just further confused an already inconsistent movie series.

Instead of high school janitor Freddy being an apparently normal resident of this small town and therefore going undetected as a suspect in the series of teen killings, he was portrayed in the TV show as a total loony, so deranged and weird that he would be the first, most obvious suspect of any crime from murder to shoplifting.

Further, the program suffered from amateur acting, mediocre special effects and was taped on high-definition video rather than shot on film, which substantially lessens the picture quality.

But worst of all, our "hero" still receives great enjoyment from killing and he killed quite graphically for prime-time local television. The end of the show had him doing in the episode's sympathetic hero and then joking about it as he walked off.

What's the message here?

This isn't funny, this isn't scary, this isn't entertainment.

This is just sick.