University of Oklahoma gymnast Kelly Garrison-Steves, a two-time NCAA champion and a member of the U.S. Olympic team, announced her retirement from the sport Tuesday.

Garrison-Steves said she had been in gymnastics 14 years and that "I feel it's time to relax.""I have achieved all the goals I've set for myself," said the 1987 and 1988 NCAA all-round champion. "To go to the Olympics and perform successfully there. To score a perfect 10 in competition. Winning NCAA nationals and dominating collegiate gymnastics. Learning a skill and having it named after you."

Garrison-Steves has perfected two moves, known as the Garrison roll and the Garrison mount. "I'm very satisfied with my career and will be happy to end my career at this time," she said.

Garrison-Steves, 21, noted the fact she has suffered several injuries during her career, including a stress fracture in her leg and tendonitis in her knee.