A lawsuit filed Monday in 3rd District Court says that Arthur L. Monson, Democratic candidate for state treasurer, failed to report at least $4,200 in contributions received in a June 14 fund-raiser in New York City.

The suit was filed by Linda Tracy, 1849 W. Ninth North, a private citizen.The state Corrupt Practices in Elections Act requires a candidate for state office to file a report with the lieutenant governor's office that accurately reflects expenditures and contributions for political purposes.

The lawsuit says that Monson "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly falsified the Oct. 12 (state) report by reporting that the contributions from the June 14 fund-raiser in New York City were received on July 12, 1988."

Candidates are required to file financial reports on July 10, Oct. 10 and Dec. 10 for conditions as they existed on the fifth of each of those months.

Monson told the Deseret News Tuesday that he has not broken any law in connection with the campaign filing. Monson said the lawsuit, which requests that the court appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations, is "just desperate people doing desperate things."

The candidate, now Salt Lake County treasurer, said his opponent, incumbent State Treasurer Edward T. Alter is trailing badly in the polls.

Monson said the fund-raiser, held June 14 at the 101 Club in New York City, was hosted by Ehrlich Bober, a municipal bonding firm, and two other hosts.

He said he didn't receive any money the day of the fund-raiser. He said he returned to Salt Lake City and that the money was received in July by Gary Pratt, campaign manager and secretary.

"We received the money in July, too late for the required July 5 filing. It was reported in the Oct. filing. Pratt says he can't recall the exact date he received the money, but we were eager for it, so he got it in the bank as soon as he could," Monson said.

Monson said he has no idea if more than $4,200 was contributed. "If there is, I'd sure like to see it because we could use it. We are being outspent by Alter. He is raising more money than I am by leaps and bounds."

Alter told the Deseret News that the failure of Monson to report the money on time is very clearly a violation of the state act.

Monson said he has 10 days to respond to the suit, but that the response will be filed before that.