A consulting firm has been given the go-ahead to proceed on the final version of the Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement for the Provo Canyon highway.

Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff and the Utah Department of Transportation are working with citizens committees to come up with a road location and design that they will present to the Utah Transportation Commission as the recommended alternative."We are working closely with the various citizens committees and the county commissions," said Eugene H. Findlay, director of UDOT. "We're in the process now of working on the details, fine-tuning the preferred alternative before we present it to the Transportation Commission."

After an alternative is selected, the consulting firm will begin work on various aspects of the statement, such as cultural clearances, wetland mitigation and noise studies.

It will take approximately eight months to compile the final version of the statement. It must then be reviewed by UDOT and the Federal Highway Administration, made available for public review and a hearing.

"We're looking at a minimum of 13 months before we see any new work on the road," said Les Jester, UDOT preconstruction engineer. However, landscaping and improvements will be done at the mouth of the canyon next spring.