Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis wants a report from Police Chief Mike Chabries on allegations that county jail officials are refusing to house in their overcrowded jail people arrested by Salt Lake police officers.

Allegations raised in news accounts suggest Salt Lake County Jail officials are jailing those arrested by deputies but refusing those arrested by Salt Lake police officers, Mike Zuhl, chief of staff for Mayor DePaulis, said Monday.Zuhl referred to an incident during which county jail officials refused to jail an arrested man because he had tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus, an AIDS-related virus.

Jail officials required the arrested man be seen by a doctor before he could be admitted to jail, Salt Lake police Capt. Aaron Kennard said.

"But the officer and the supervisor on the scene decided that there was too much going on to spend two to three hours being tied up with that (taking the man to a doctor), so they decided to kick him loose," Kennard said.