Halloween 1988 was the warmest Halloween ever in Utah, with lingering autumn sunshine pushing the mercury to 73 degrees Monday.

And despite the warm weather, the holiday, and the hours leading up to it, were pretty uneventful for law enforcement agencies in the Salt Lake area.So quiet in fact, that the only Halloween horror story from Murray was that someone almost stole a bag of candy from a younger trick-or-treater. But "he got caught," said the police dispatcher.

Other than a strong-arm robbery in which a 16-year-old boy stole a pillowcase full of candy from a child, Salt Lake police said this year's Halloween was unusually quiet. "Usually we have a bunch of stupid pranks, but there weren't even many of them," said Lt. Norm Thompson.

Early Monday, however, a Salt Lake police officer stopped a 26-year-old Salt Lake man for wearing a regulation police uniform as a costume. The man, who was stopped in the area of Sixth West and Second South en route to a Halloween party, was wearing a police shirt which bore regulation shoulder patches, a name tag, a security guard badge and a Police Mutual Aid Association pin.

Officer Marc Manzano confiscated the patches but said in his report he would not seek prosecution because he didn't think the man intended to break the law.

The previous warm-weather record, 72, was set Oct. 31, 1952.

Another record will be broken Tuesday if the record high for Nov. 1 - 72 degrees set in 1978 - is surpassed.