"This is something many of us have looked forward to for quite awhile, and the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of good people," Box Elder County Commissioner Frank Nishiguchi said during the first meeting of the newly formed Bear River Water Conservancy District.

The meeting, held in the Tremonton Civic Center, brought together old and new members to elect a chairman, vice chairman and secretary and discuss their commitment to the project.The new members are: David Forsgren, representing Honeyville-Deweyville District; Clinton Burt, representing the municipal water companies; Lloyd Hubbard, representing Bear River City-Corinne District; Les Dunn, representing Brigham City District; Gil Smart, representing Tremonton-Garland District; Nishiguchi, representing the county commission; Junior Okada, representing Bothwell-Howell-Thatcher District; Lowell Lemon, representing Willard-Perry-Mantua District; David Styer, representing the Bear River Canal Co.; Lynn Richards, representing Portage-Plymouth-Fielding District; and Merlin Tanner, representing West Box Elder County.

Nishiguchi was elected chairman, Hubbard was elected vice chairman, and Ben Lindsay, of the Utah State University Extension Service, was elected secretary.

Judge Gordon J. Low signed the petition forming the Bear River Water Conservancy District on Sept. 8, 1988.