An Army Reserve artillery unit stationed at Defense Depot Ogden will be deactivated in the next two years and replaced by four new units, officials say.

The 6-83rd Field Artillery unit, which leases space at the depot, will be deactivated sometime between Oct. 1, 1989, and Sept. 16, 1990, said Maj. Bill Auer, spokesman for the 96th Army Reserve Command at Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City.The 500-soldier unit will be disbanded and its members and equipment dispersed to other units where they are better needed, Auer said.

"It's part of the modernization of the total Army," he said. "It goes on regularly within the Army."

The 6-83rd is part of the 96th Army Reserve Command.

Auer said the four units being created that will replace the 6-83rd are a rear-area operation center, which will serve as a headquarters for the other three units; a reconnaissance company; a chemical group that produces smoke screens for battle fields; and a military intelligence group that will specialize in Eastern bloc languages.

The four new units, which will be stationed at the current site, will have a combined membership of about 400 people, Auer said.