During the next three months, state Parks and Recreation Division rangers will be running spot-check roadblocks on off-road vehicles, says division spokeswoman Tish Poulson.

"In addition to informing the public about Utah off-highway vehicle laws, the rangers will be operating roadblocks through December to check for compliance with the OHV laws," said Poulson."And, because of the popular use of all-terrain vehicles during the deer hunt, the roadblocks will be more conspicuous at that time," she said. "Hunters using ATVs should remember to ride only on designated land and trails."

The main features of the new law require registration of all off-highway vehicles and snowmobiles while being transported or operated on public lands or roads, drivers must be at least eight years old, drivers under the age of 18 must wear protective headgear, and operators must have a motor vehicle driver's license or an ATV education certificate.

"But, because the off-highway education requirement is new," Poulson said, "the division has requested law enforcement agencies to only issue a verbal or written warning to violators until next July."