Payson resident Laura Neel spent Thursday morning buying enough pies for two family birthdays, but a third birthday caught her off guard.

By nightfall, Laura, 36, and her husband, Roger, 46, were at Mountain View Hospital sharing their common birthday with newborn daughter, Esther."My other five children were all born about four days late," Laura said. "This one came five days early. I guess she didn't want her birthday to get lost in the shuffle. It's unlikely we would forget to celebrate on Oct. 13."

When the couple first met and compared birthdays, Laura accused Roger of lying.

"She made me show her my driver's license," Roger said.

Esther's four sisters and one brother have different birthdays. The Neels said of all their birthdays in 15 years of marriage, this year's was the best.

"This was definitely the most exciting birthday we've ever had," Roger said. "And Esther is the best birthday present we could have gotten."