The pioneer cabin located at Nephi City Park will soon have a heavy wooden shingle roof rather than the dirt roof it now has.

Naomi Elliston and Ada Oldroyd, members of the Utah Daughters of the Pioneers, asked Juab County commissioners to have county workers assist in removing the sod from the roof of the small one-room cabin so the shingles can be laid before winter.Commissioners agreed and directed county workers to remove the sod for the DUP.

The cabin contains pioneer artifacts that the DUP wants to preserve. The sod roof of the cabin continues to cause problems. Even though clay and Gunite materials have been placed on the roof in the past, each winter the roof leaks.

The wooden shingles will prevent destruction of the historic valuables housed inside the building.

The cabin was kept open all summer and members of the DUP conducted tours. It attracted many visitors, some days as many as 30 people.