An optometrist Monday warned parents and other would-be Santa Clauses at least a dozen toys on the market this holiday season present risks to children's eyes.

Phillip Kaufman, releasing his 11th annual "Dangerous Christmas Toy List," said he is particularly disturbed by a new toy used to shoot liquid dye or gelatinous material up to 40 feet, possibly at other children.He said the squirting toys, including "The Glooper Game," "Wipe Out Action Set," "Zap-It" and "Tag-Em," "encourage children to shoot at other youngsters," in advertising that stresses that "colored liquid (fired from the toys) will disappear from clothes shortly after impact."

"The manufacturers claim this liquid is `safe' for fabrics and `non-toxic,' but they have not addressed the issue of eye safety," Kaufman said.

Robert Marden, a spokeswoman for LJN Toys Ltd., of New York, which makes "Glooper," "Zap-It" and a powerful water gun also cited by Kaufman, said the toys present "zero danger. They just pump water."