The National Council of Teachers of English has awarded its 1988 Achievement Awards to nine Utah students.

Six high school seniors, all from Salt Lake County, were among 821 students nationwide receiving the council's "excellence in written English" award, said spokeswoman Diane Allen.And three ninth-grade students were among 325 U.S. and Canadian students honored in the "promising young writers" competition," said Allen.

The Utah high school senior winners are: Jeff Anderson from Olympus High; Kimberly Chow and Bryan Lowder from Hillcrest High; Ronald Galieti and Juliet Gamero from Alta High; and Jennifer Gully of Skyline High.

The ninth-grade winners are: Katie Beck and Jessica Ann Carroll of Rowland Hall-St. Mark's; and Kyle Bishop of Cedar City High.

"By supporting the Achievement Awards in Writing Program," Allen said, "the council hopes parents, school administrators and others who make decisions about education will support state-of-the-art writing programs in their communities."