The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation will hold its second annual Buffalo Roundup Saturday on Antelope Island.

Park Superintendent Mitch Larsson said about 30 volunteers and horsemen will assist with the roundup, which is being held to vaccinate the animals and check them for disease.Blood samples taken from the buffaloes during the 1987 roundup showed a unique gene in the herd, called the ninth gene. Buffaloes in the ninth gene pool will be tagged so they can be readily recognized.

During the roundup, horseback riders will herd the buffalo toward a holding area on the north end of the island. As the animals approach the area, helicopters and trucks will join the roundup. Once in the holding area, each buffalo will enter a hydraulic squeeze chute that will hold it until tests and vaccinations can be administered.

The buffalo roundup is part of the Antelope Island wildlife management program being developed by the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Those involved in the roundup will be the only ones allowed on the island this year. Public transportation to the island is not available. The DWR issued eight resident and two non-resident hunting permits in February, and a hunt will be held in December for those who have drawn permits.