Rescue workers in New York City remove a victim trapped in the rubble of a six-story building that collapsed without warning Monday. The cave-in killed the structure's owner and injured 10 others. All occupants of the 60-year-old building were accounted for eight hours later when the last survivor grabbed the hand of a firefighter and shouted, "I'm Robin! Get me out!" Wilhelm Waight, a 32-year-old delivery man who survived a fall from the fifth floor, said, "It was like riding a monster, and the only thing you could do was to hang on. I covered my face with my arms." He said he hit a van in a parking lot, then freed himself from the rubble. The collapse, which occurred two blocks south of the Empire State Building, halted some subway and train traffic for more than an hour. Rescuers were worried that vibrations from trains would cause more of the building to give way while they worked. Authorities say the building's west wall may have buckled due to construction work at the site _ no city permits had been issued for the work.