Hotel executive Richard Marriott sponsored a reception this week for Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, at which the congressman was introduced to more than 30 Washington-area businessmen and business lobbyists.

Owens said the event, in the Presidential Suite of the J.W. Marriott Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, was not a fund-raiser. "But we hope some of them would get the idea," Owens added.Among those present were Richard Pasco, of the National Pork Producers; Scott Anderson, Burlington Northern Railroad; Bill Giery, of the Food Service and Lodging Association; Nick Pyle, of the International Bakers Association; George Durazzo, National Restaurant Association; Ralph Hardy, Howard Silberman, Tom Ladd, of the Marriott Corp.; John Gaff, of the Amusement Parks Association; Bruce Gates of the National Wholesale Grocers Association; and representatives of several banks' political action committees, the motion picture industry, US West, and other industry groups, Owens' aides said.