At the M&M/Mars Corp., plant where 100 million red, green, orange, brown and yellow M&Ms are born every day, the company has expressed awe over news that a naked M&M slipped out of the factory and into a customer's hands.

George Vorsheim, who said he was ready to devour a bag of the candies, stopped when he came upon the unusual sight of the uncoated candy. Instead of popping the bare peanut M&M into his mouth, Vorsheim studied it, and found it imprinted with the trademark "m" but no chocolate and no color coating."It has me boggled. The first little critter out of the bag was a snow-white M&M," said Vorsheim, corporate liaison for Environment-One in the Albany suburb of Niskayuna. "I asked around. Nobody had ever seen one before.

"This guy made some kind of journey to get here," Vorsheim said.

Indeed, only two other albino M&Ms had ever been reported, and they were not confirmed, meaning albino M&Ms were considered just myths at the Hackettown, N.J., M&M/Mars plant.

An M&M/Mars spokesman, said that 100 million plain and peanut M&Ms are manufactured each day.