Sixteen Salt Lake area corporate, education and government entities will conduct a food drive in response to an emergency need for food to serve the poor and needy.

The 16 are members of the Salt Lake Area Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC), which operates in cooperation with the Community Services Council. The CVC food drive, "Caring Is Everybody's Business," runs through Nov. 11."This is the time of year when supplies at the Salt Lake Food Bank and local pantries it supports begin to run low," said Jan Bates, CVC chair and community relations coordinator for Questar Corp. "We planned this combined drive even before the Food Bank and pantries issued a plea for emergency aid last week," she said.

"During the upcoming holiday season, people traditionally remember the plight of the less-fortunate and make generous contribution," Bates said. "We hope our drive will help bridge the gap."

Salt Lake County Employees, a CVC member, will provide food drop-off locations for employees and the public at county libraries, fire stations and multi-purpose centers.

CVC participating members are Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Utah, Citibank, Deseret News, Hercules, Intermountain Health Care, Morris/Ask Mr. Foster Travel, Northwest Pipeline, Questar, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Salt Lake City Council, Salt Lake City Schools, Salt Lake County Employees, Unisys, US WEST, Utah Power and Light and Westminster College.

For information about the drive, call Bates at 534-5435.