PST Van Lines has received the American Trucking Association's 1988 Grand Trophy in ceremonies held by the Utah Motor Transport Association.

The award as Utah's best overall truck fleet "recognizes PST's efforts in becoming one of the safest trucking companies in the United States," said spokesman Mel Fullmer. He said the award also recognizes PST's "high standard of fleet maintenance and appearance.Reg Timms, safety director for the Utah-based trucking company, also was honored as the Utah trucking industry's Safety Director of the Year.

Timms said PST has improved its accident ratio from 1.59 accidents per million miles in 1986 to .30 per million miles in 1988.

"PST was one of the first carriers in Utah to institute company-wide drug testing," said Timms. "This has helped us reduce our accident rate well below the national average."

PST has several Driver Service Centers located 500 miles apart on major freeways where company drivers can stop and rest and undergo safety checks.

Safety supervisors at the centers check the driver's log, the condition of the truck and the driver. On-board computers tell the supervisor how far the driver has driven that day, how many hours it took him and his speed.

Timms said 1989 model trucks will limit drivers to a top speed of 60-62 mph. Toll-free phone numbers on the backs of PST trucks allow motorists to call in and commend drivers or alert the company to unsafe practices by drivers.