An elaborate tale of a foiled robbery-kidnapping planned by two 17-year-old Sandy boys came to light before their booking into the juvenile detention center Monday on unrelated robbery charges.

Sandy Detective Mark James said police believe two youths for several weeks had watched a pizza restaurant less than one block from the Sandy police station on 94th South and planned to kidnap the assistant manager one night as she left the restaurant to deposit the night's receipts at the bank.Shortly after 1 a.m. during the first week of September, a teenager waited at the bank while another squeezed himself into the back of the woman's car. The police believe the plan was to take the woman hostage at the bank, drive her to a nearby canyon and leave her tied up in the car while they fled with the bank bag.

But the woman saw someone wearing a ski mask hiding in her car. The startled, masked bandit said, "Sorry, wrong car," and fled on foot.

The woman called police, but the case was listed only as a "suspicious circumstance" until three juveniles were picked up by Sandy police in connection with a strong-arm robbery at Murray's Fashion Place Mall in mid-September.