Violations during Utah's deer hunt opener were down last weekend, but Wildlife Resources Division enforcement officers say the number of elk killed illegally was up.

Paul Woodbury, chief enforcement officer for the division, said Monday most of the violations his officers reported were deer tagged improperly or not at all."It'll be weeks before we get all the paperwork in," Woodbury said. "But overall it was pretty good. We had good compliance."

Last year's high-profile effort, coupled with good weather, made for cooperative hunters in the hinterlands, he said.

Eight elk were killed statewide during the opener that for the first time found 14- and 15-year-olds taking to the hills during the annual event.

"We normally have more problems on the second weekend," Woodbury said. "That's when we have more of the serious violators."

But the officers will again be out in force during the rest of the hunt that ends Nov. 1 at dusk, and Woodbury encourages all Utahns who see game killed illegally to contact the poaching hotline, 1-800-662-DEER.