Mayor Terry West has offered to resign if residents fail to accept his financial plan for the town, but if the program is approved, he says two City Council foes should be the ones to go.

West made the offer to resign and challenged council members Fae Reigle and Charlene Mendoza to do likewise during a packed 31/2-hour council meeting Wednesday night.At issue is West's five-year financial plan for the community, but he also disagrees with Mendoza and Reigle regarding his proposal to contract with Washington County for law enforcement services.

Mendoza and Reigle have their own plan for the city's finances.

The council also is considering a resolution to have citizens vote on whether to fire West in a special ballot question during the Nov. 8 general election.

West has come under fire from council members recently for his tactics in pursuing approval of the plans, including a letter he sent at city expense asking residents to write to say whether they like his financing plan.

"Give me the same consideration . . . one of us ought to resign," West said during the meeting. "This council is going nowhere. I will promise to resign if the majority does not accept this plan if (council members) Fae and Charlene will do the same" if the majority rejects their alternative plan, said West.