Academy award-winning actress Sally Field and her family were soaked with jet fuel but escaped unhurt when their private plane aborted takeoff and smashed into two parked airplanes.

"It's absolutely a miracle" no one was seriously injured in Saturday's crash, said Pitkin County Airport operations manager Bill Frome. "We're very, very fortunate that it's our slow period."Field, 41, was en route to Burbank, Calif., when the Challenger CL60 crashed. Also on board were her film producer husband, Alan Greisman, 41, her 11-month-old son, Sam, and mother, Margaret O'Mahoney, said Pitkin County sheriff's spokesman Steve Crockett.

The pilot and co-pilot were treated for cuts and bruises, Crockett said. A flight attendant on the jet was unhurt.

"I led them from the crash to the terminal building, and I think she (Field) was in a state of semishock," said Frome. "She didn't know what had happened.

"The gas was just spurting out of the gas tanks," said Field's publicist, Pat Kingsley. "They were covered with gas. They had to get out of the plane and they got out on the wing and had to jump about six feet to the ground."

Jeff Lumsden of the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office said the plane lost power as it attempted takeoff, causing it to veer to the right.

The private jet had been loaned to Field, who owns a home overlooking Aspen, by producer and former talk-show host Merv Griffin, the owner, according to Griffin's Los Angeles publicist, Warren Cowan.

The jet had flown into Aspen after taking Griffin and actress Eva Gabor to Griffin's Monterey, Calif., ranch earlier Saturday, Cowan said.