The University of Utah Medical Center has opened a series of advanced brain cancer clinical trials.

In the advanced Phase II trial, the U. will explore various subcutaneously administered dosage levels of the anti-cancer agent, ImuVert, to determine the most effective dose for countering primary adult brain cancer.ImuVert is biologic response modifier developed by Cell Technology Inc., a Colorado-based biotechnology firm. Also involved in the advanced studies are New England Medical Center, Boston; Montefiore Hospital in New York; and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. A total of 10 sites will be open in the next 30 days throughout the United States.

"We are pleased to report the opening of these clinical sites. These are being initiated in accordance with our overall clinical development plans for ImuVert in brain cancer," said Dr. Michael J. Andrews, Cell Technology vice president.

Cell Technology President W. Terrance Schreier said the work at the U. could be expedited with a recent announcement by the federal Food and Drug Administration.