Utah farmers harvested less winter wheat, spring wheat and barley this year than last year, about as big an oat crop as the previous year and more alfalfa hay than 1987, according to the Utah Agricultural Statistics Service.

DelRoy J. Gneiting, state statistician, said winter wheat yields are averaging 36 bushels per acre, down 7 bushels from last year's record high yield. Total production of winter wheat in Utah was 5.6 million bushels, down 24 percent from a year ago.Spring wheat yields are down 3 bushels per acre from 1987 - to 54 bushels per acre, and production on 23,000 acres harvested is 1.2 million bushels, a 25 percent drop from last year.

The oat yield is steady with last year, at 69 bushels per acre. Growers harvested 14,000 acres, the same as last year, and produced 966,000 bushels of oats.

Utah's barley harvest is down 8 bushels per acre from last year's record high, to 75 bushels per acre. Farmers produced 9.4 million bushels of barley, a drop of 20 percent from 1987, on 125,000 acres - 17,000 fewer than a year ago.

Alfalfa hay production is up 13,000 tons.